Belly Pork Stir Fry [Redux]

Belly Pork Stir Fry
Simply, a repeat of last time, but it's been a while and I really fancied eating it again.

Very simple to do with no complex processes, the meat can be prepared the day before and chilled overnight or done on the same day - belly pork does take some cooking, so factor that in mind.

I cooked the belly pork the day before. Simply place into the oven on a wire rack over a tray, oven set to 180C (350F?) for a couple of hours. Turn the oven off and leave it in there for another couple of hours before committing to the fridge. This will firm up the meat overnight, consolidate the fat and make it easier to slice when you come to cook the dish.

Of course, if you want to cook and fry the same day just pre-cook the meat for a couple of hours at 180C (350F?) and let it rest for at least an hour.

So, it's been a fun day at work and now I want a quick dinner before enjoying the evening ...

Before tending to the meat, make up a salad to go alongside.

Take a cucumber, cut in quarters longways and core it. Cut these strips into smaller sections about an inch and a half long. Splash some vinegar over - rice wine vinegar is the obvious choice, but cider vinegar or white wine vinegar will do just fine.

Slice some spring onions on a really sharp angle to create horse ears. Add these to the marinading cucumber and fold through regularly.

Make up your chilli sauce ...

I went with a straight-up chilli paste, no dubious ingredients, a little tomato purée and let out with sherry and lemon juice, soured with a little rice wine vinegar, sweetened with just a touch of mirin and salted with some fish sauce.

More flavours - minced garlic, fresh ginger, white pepper and ... a good splash of Worcestershire Sauce. Make up your chilli sauce however you like and according to your own principles when it comes to alcohol, sweetener and condiments.

Assemble the remaining ingredients for the stir fry ...

Shred up a red pepper, an onion and any other vegetables you want to include.

To wo[r]k ...

Get your pan smoking hot and drop the belly pork in. Toss a few times to release some fat and then throw in the shredded onions. Cook through well, colouring up and collecting any further fat that renders out.

Toss in the shredded red pepper and combine.

Pour in the chilli sauce, cook through and reduce.

Plate up with the stir fry on one side and a good handful of the marinated cucumber on the other. Sprinkle some mixed seeds over the pork.

What makes every dish better? An egg ... I placed a boiled egg alongside.

Eat, enjoy!