Pork & Mushroom Carbonara

Pork & Mushroom Carbonara
What do you do when you have too many mushrooms, some sausages that need eating, a few spears of asparagus that are sorely wilting and a block of pecorino that really should be opened and eaten?

Easy! Carbonara!

Carbonara is an Italian pasta sauce based on eggs, cream and parmesan. I abhor parmesan, but, curiously, really like pecorino, a Sardinian sheep cheese.

Fattier, unpasteurized and fermented dairy represent the better end of the scale for ancestral eaters. If you simply do not "do" dairy in any form, this dish is not really going to work, but sausages and mushrooms fried up together with some good paleo fat will taste just as delicious.

As paleo eaters, we're also not bound by rules, so there is no reason why carbonara has to be put with anything that resembled pasta. No need to make courgette linguine, or such like, although that would be very nice, too.

I began by slicing some mushrooms and gently cooking them in a skillet with a generous amount of goose fat.

Meanwhile, I oven-cooked some 100% pork sausages.

I also made up the carbonara, which was three egg yolks (for two people), about 200ml of cream and sufficient grated cheese to make that into a thick paste. Ratios, weights and measurements are not too important - just make up an eggs, creamy, cheesy paste. You can hand-blend it for an extra fine carbonara if you like.

So, our sausages are about cooked, our mushrooms softening well and we've got the sauce ready.

Let's do some veggies ...

I had shredded cabbage and sliced carrots, both steamed, and some potato croutons, fried off in goose fat. You can tell, I like goose fat - if you have trouble sourcing this, just use your favourite paleo fat. An animal fat would be better than coconut here, for the flavour.

I also steamed the asparagus, ready to add to the carbonara.


Plate up the veggies and turn your attention to the skillet.

Slice up your sausages and add to the mushrooms along with the asparagus, sliced. Raise the heat and stir in the carbonara ... the cheese will melt and you'll have a deep inviting creamy mushroom, sausage and asparagus mess to spoon into that bed of vegetables.