Spring Frittata

Joy! Spring has sprung!

Not especially full of spring ingredients, but the green vibrancy of our quick breakfast put me in mind of the season and the new life to come.

Frittata is derived from the Italian, "to fry". An egg dish enriched with vegetables and cheese, not dissimilar to a crustless flan. For paleo, the perfect alternative to flan, quiche or even pizza!

Pre-cook some shredded bacon in a frying pan and soften some mushrooms in the remaining fat.

Chop up a couple of chillies, shred some spring onions and grated some cheddar in readiness. Finally, chop up a very generous portion of parsley to garnish.

The trick with frittata is to make an omelette and catch it just in time before it fully cooks through, at which point drop in your filling and top with cheese - these ingredients will meld into the base.

I went with four eggs in an 8" pan for a thinner base. Whisk the eggs with a fork first and pour into a warm frying pan - warm, not too hot. Gently swirl the eggs around until they are mostly cooked through and then drop in the bacon, mushrooms and chillies. Top with cheese and settle it under the grill/broiler for a couple of minutes.

Garnish with lots of parsley and freshly ground black pepper.