Prior to ancestral eating, I never ate pizza - I just didn't see the attraction.

Since coming to ancestral eating, amongst the community pizza seems to be an obsession! I'm intrigued enough to give it a go ... and did it properly ... with some proper junk food!

So, the base ... What's better than bread? Anything! Anything that is tasty, nutritional and ... well ... this is not emulation, this is supplantation!

Pop some portabello mushrooms on a grill pan open side up and wait for the juice to come up. Flip over and press down hard - this will evaporate the juice and pull all the flavour back into the mushroom. Not fully dried, still moist inside, but they will not leak brown liquid all over your plate.

Great! That's the base ...

Top with your favourites. Not being a pizza aficionado, I went with a couple of cliches: Ham & Pineapple and Pepperoni.

Ham & Pineapple - ham hock, shredded and some tinned pineapple (see, told you it was junk food) over pomodorino tomato, minced. Mozzarella on top, touch of black pepper and some truffle, which is bang in season at the moment.

Pepperoni - pepperoni slices over pomodorino tomato, minced. Mozzarella on top, touch of black pepper and some shredded wild garlic, which is just popping up wild all over the place.

Place them under the grill or broiler until the mozzarella has melted. Serve out onto a plate and drizzle some good extra virgin olive oil over.

Pick up and eat! This is small enough; mini-pizza. Or, as my delicate wife did, cut and eat like a civilised person looking in dismay at the caveman, face covered in food but with a big old smile!