Scandinavian Inspired Tinned Fish Breakfast

Scandinavian inspired?

I set out to make an entirely different breakfast, but quickly realising I did not have ... well, any of the key ingredients in so, falling back on the memory of flavours and tastes from Scandinavian breakfasts enjoyed on visits to Stockholm I set about on a fresh course.

But what about the breakfast that you were going to make, I hear you ask. I was going to use something strong and green as the base - samphire or sea spinach, even spinach. A warm salad of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber was going to sit on top, drizzled in mayonnaise and fillets of fish, rich in omega 3 would be laid on top.

So, to the ingredients that I actually used ...

Put a few slices of streaky bacon under the grill - streaky bacon works best due to the fat content; it is belly pork sliced thin.

Meanwhile, make the mayonnaise - two egg yolks, whisk until lighter and fluffy and then gradually add avocado oil (or extra virgin olive oil) in constantly whisking. You will get a feel for how much oil you need, but the exact ratio does not really matter. I added a splash of pink grapefruit juice at the end to soften it down to a pouring consistency and added in some chopped dill stalks.

Place a good handful of dill tops on the centre of a plate.

Cut up some lettuce, tomato, green and red bell peppers, cucumber, pickled gherkin and pickled beetroot.

When the bacon is done, retrieve it from the grille, cut in to slices and place in a frying pan with the peppers, rapidly adding the tomato, gherkin, beetroot and lettuce. Toss it a few times and spoon it onto the dill. This should be just warm, not cooked.

Drizzle lots of the mayonnaise over.

Place the fillets of fish on the top - any fish will do: mackerel, sardine, herring, for example. From cans, this is best in brine rather than sunflower oil so that the omega 3 to 6 ratio is not completely unbalanced. Alternatively, a poached egg makes a great crowning piece.

This breakfast is like a cable car straight to the summit of Mount Happy! Enjoy the view :)