Apple Sauce Condiment

Apple sauce is a simple and delicious accompaniment to pork.

Outdoor reared pork deserves better than the sugar-laced off the shelf versions; your body deserves better. In fact, apple sauce has some medicinal properties; an old-fashioned remedy for digestive discomfort.

Let's make up some apple sauce ...

One or two cooking apples will be perfectly sufficient for two people. Peel the apples if you like, but certainly core them, chop them into inch squares ensuring that all the woodiness from the middle is removed.

Place the cubes into a pan, add a splash of water and place onto the hob on a low heat, turning the apple pieces every so often until soft.

Modern varieties of fruit are already sweet enough but if you want more, a teaspoon of honey for a couple of apples is perfectly sufficient.

Is honey primal? Well, I'll link to a couple of resources and you can make your own mind up:
http://www.marksdailyapple.com/is-honey-a-safer-sweetener/ ... I tend to think so.

Add a splash of cider vinegar and some spice - allspice, or just cinnamon is fine.

Serve in a ramekin for an individual helping or in a communal bowl or jar on the table.

Apple sauce us very easy to make up as required and a fresh batch can be made within the cooking time for many cuts of pork, but if you wanted to keep the surplus it will be fine for a week or so kept in a jar in the fridge. For longer term storage, add a little ascorbic acid as an antioxidant.