Venison in Cabbage Leaves

Really, any game meat will do just fine - deer, rabbit, partridge; even exotic meat like bock, bison, buffalo, kangaroo, ostrich or crocodile.

It's a slow-cooking dish ...

Brown off the meat in a frying pan with a little fat and then set aside.

Make up a pan of bouillon and water. Soften a number of cabbage leaves in the stock - Savoy cabbage is great for this dish. Softened for a minute, or so is fine - set aside to cool.

In the frying pan, fry off some chopped onions, garlic, bacon and cubes of carrot or swede. De-glazing with a little water to get all the flavour from the pan, pour into an oven-proof dish or your slow cooked.

Wrap the meat in the cabbage leaves and press into the oven-proof dish. The parcels should be comfortable, not over-tight nor swimming around. Pour over the stock until the parcels are just covered.

Put the lid on and cook on a low/moderate heat for a few hours - higher temperature if you need the dish cooked a little quicker, so 150C tops, or lower if you're happy to leave the dish most of the day - 100C to 120C.

Serve out into large open bowls with vegetables to accompany - mashed celeriac and green beans, for me!