Kale & Chorizo Broth

Searching for kale recipes, I was reminded of a dish I used to make that was simply kale, onion, potato and a chicken stock. I also had some chorizo to use up ...

Chorizo is a spicy Iberian sausage consisting of pork meat and fat, and paprika - dried, smoked red pepper. The Spanish, Portugese, Catalan and Galician people all have their own regional variations, but to a foreigner chorizo is chorizo is chorizo.

Let's get the magic started ...

Soften some bacon grease or lard in a wide based sauté pan over a medium heat. Place some cubes of chorizo in the fat - removing the skin is optional; I like to.

Meanwhile dice an onion and toss that into the pan, sautéing in the fat with the chorizo. Shred a few leaves of kale and add them to the sauté pan and fry off for a short while.

Pour in a can of peeled plum tomatoes and pulp them down. Add in some tomato purée if more tomato flavour is required.

Add in some more heat if you like - I used a Scotch Bonnet pepper.

Meanwhile, boil some cubes of butternut squash in around 500ml of chicken stock, topping back up after a few minutes and add to the saute pan.

Simmer for 15-20 minutes on a medium heat before adding in a heaped teaspoon of arrowroot to thicken, softened in water. Serve out into wide bowls.