Crab and Bacon Wraps

... a quick and easy starter, verging on paleo junk food.

Lay out some long, strong lettuce leaves - I use cos lettuce which has a strong stem and soft leaves; perfect for wraps of any variety.

Take an avocado and blend it with a little avocado oil until soft to make a guacamole butter. Spread over the lettuce leaves.

Slice up some streaky bacon and fry off in a pan, tossing to colour and prevent from sticking.

Take some crab meat: canned, fresh, dressed, however you can get it and warm it through in the pan of bacon to remove excess liquid.

Add in any spices at this stage to the crab and bacon - chopped fresh chillies, a dusting of cayenne pepper or a good splash of Tabasco. Green Tabasco splashed into the guacamole is also a great way of pepping up these wraps.

Spoon out onto the lettuce leaves, pick up, wrap up and eat.