Leftover Brisket Wraps

Brisket is my favourite cut of beef.

From the front of the beast between its front legs, brisket is the superficial and deep pectorals from the cow and since cows do not have collar bones, this muscle holds most of the weight of the animal. Truly, a worked meat and one which is so rich in flavour.

When cooking brisket, cook too much - it is a cheap cut and one which makes so many great leftover meals.

Sliced thin, we're going to make up some simple wraps.

Using long cos lettuce leaves, butter them with something flavoursome - mustard or horseradish are good.

Lay out some slices of cucumber, boiled egg, maybe tomato, that kind of salad ingredients.

Top with a generous but not overwhelming amount of thinly sliced brisket.

Tidy up into a manageable wrap, hold in one hand and get it crammed in your mouth!