Bacon, Sausage and Mushroom with Sauerkraut

Similar to my Scandinavian inspired fish breakfast, this is the porky cousin - sausage, bacon and mushroom!

Combined with some pickled vegetables - sauerkraut, gherkin and beetroot, and a soured cream and mustard drizzle, topped with a poached egg, this is a deep, tasty break fast with a good pack of probiotics.

Sauerkraut is a superb source of probiotics in the paleo diet; yoghurt, another, although not all paleo people partake of dairy, some do, but only fermented dairy. Sauerkraut provides a wide spectrum of probiotics which will boost the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Dairy is contentious within the paleosphere, but I am perfectly happy with its inclusion. Soured cream has a good fat profile and the fermentation goes a long way to making it paleo-friendly. I like to use soured cream to make up a nice drizzling sauce with lemon, mustard and a little oil.

Eggs should be free range at the very least, woodland reared are best since the chickens are left to roam, peck and scratch for grubs natural to their diet, and the taste difference is evident.

Time for some oink!

Get some sausages frying off. Collect any fats that render out for later.

Fry off some chopped slices of streaky bacon. Bacon should be outdoor reared and naturally fed - the fatter the better for streaky bacon, which will render its own fat out.

Once a little fat is evident in the pan, toss in some slices of mushroom and cook them through.

Meanwhile make up a poaching liquor from hot water and distilled malt vinegar. Crack the egg into a ramekin and drop into the lightly bubbling water after gently swirling.

Cut the sausages on a jaunty angle and add to the bacon and mushroom pan.

Slice up a gherkin, or two, a few small tomatoes and toss into the pan along with the sausages, bacon and mushrooms.

Drop a generous portion of sauerkraut into the pan and cook through until the liquid has evaporated.

Slice up some strong lettuce leaves and arrange on a plate.

Serve out the hot food onto the plate and lay some cubes of pickled beetroot around.

Take a couple of tablespoons of soured cream into a bowl, add a teaspoon of English mustard and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Stir together and then whisk in a drizzle of oil - extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil are fantastic!

Drizzle over the plate, retrieve the egg, dry it off and lay it on the top, cutting the yolk and twisting a little sea salt over.

... a whirlpool of flavour and a great way to start the day! Enjoy!