Baked Chilli Eggs Wrapped in Bacon

Bacon and eggs are a perfect marriage! Throw a little spice into that marriage and you have sheer heaven!

Let's spice things up for them ...

You will need a baking tray for baking buns, cup cakes, or whatever you call them; failing that, some ovenproof ramekins will do fine. If you buy large eggs you need a deep tray or some silicone bun cases.

Fry off some strips of bacon - you need a couple of rashers per helping. I like streaky bacon, which is salty and full of delicious fat.

Cook the bacon so that it has just started to colour, but does not become stiff. Form the bacon into rounds in the tray as soon as they are out of the pan. Keep blowing your fingertips!

I am happy to eat fermented dairy and so a thin slice of feta cheese in the base of each helping and more to top gives a tangy and creamy flavour. Feel free to leave this out if you don't eat dairy.

Crack an egg into each round of bacon, garnish with some herbs, a grind of freshly milled black pepper and give each helping a good splash of Tabasco.

Place into an over pre-heated to 200C for 10-15 minutes, until the whites have cooked. Err on the lower side for a just running yolk.

Serve out with a little side-salad, some pickled vegetables and maybe a few slices of avocado. Perfect breakfast!

Ramekins are a better idea if you want to pad out the dish, maybe with some smoked haddock and make a starter, or entrée, out of one large egg.