Poached Trout with Sweetheart Cabbage

I picked up a sweetheart cabbage the other day - it's like a pointed cabbage but sweet in flavour and seems to like little cooking.

Today, I bagged a few pieces of Loch Trout at a proper knock-down bargain price which my Fishmonger reeled me in with ... "Those ... I can do them for £1.40" ... priced at £2.00 a kilo, already knocked down from £4.00 a kilo. He wanted rid and I wanted to eat, so we struck a good deal.

Poached Trout with Sweetheart Cabbage

It's hot today. We fancied a light dinner.

Cabbage, poached trout and a creme fraiche & lemon juice dressing. For seasoning, I went with salt and pepper: Icelandic ash salt and green peppercorns.

The fish was poached in water with bay leaves, juniper berries and peppercorns, the stock then strained and boiled off with the outer leaves from the cabbage and some potato, blended, which will do for Mrs' lunches for a couple of days this week; the cabbage steamed over.

Dinner done, lunches sorted.

Never throw anything away ...