Cheats' Carne Asada

Carne Asada is simply grilled meat, nothing complex, nothing esoteric, nothing special, other than good, grilled meat and a bunch of salads.

Friday Night

Home, salad ingredients out, slug of Tequila (Salud!), time to kick back and get on with the preparation ...

I went with three salads, macerated red cabbage, marinated mushroom and green pepper, and a pico de gallo:

Macerated Red Cabbage
Shred red cabbage, pour over red wine vinegar and macerate for a good hour, turning regularly.
Marinated Mushroom & Green Pepper
Slice mushrooms and green pepper, slosh over some avocado oil and some cider vinegar, add black pepper and marinate for a good hour.
Pico de Gallo
Cut up some tomato and cucumber, fine chop a chilli and rough chop some coriander. Mix together and chill for a good hour.
On with the meat ....

You know what? I didn't have any meat, but I did have some burgers. 100% Venison burgers.

Flattened out a little more, grilled and sliced, it was passable ...

Cheats' Carne AsadaCheats' Carne Asada

Served up with some avocado, boiled egg and a green chilli sauce of chopped green chillies, lime juice and avocado oil.