Griddled Tuna Steak & Chimichurri

When I first heard about Chimichurri I thought, "that's nice" and set the idea aside, thinking it would involve ingredients that I either could not source or would be ridiculously priced; worse, that commercial offerings would ruin the experience entirely and so it sat in my mind as something I'd heard of.

I can't quite think what triggered it - maybe a photograph, maybe a description - but it suddenly struck me that it was very familiar and very easy to make. The fact that I'd never looked into what constituted Chimichurri kept it as something I had not tried.

Chimichurri is an Argentine sauce of chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil and vinegar. In its simplest form, that's about it but additions of chilli, other herbs, even cumin are not unheard of.

That's it ...

Tuna Steak & Chimichurri

So, tonight, Griddled Tuna Steak & Chimichurri.

My Chimichurri was chopped parsley, minced garlic, de-seed and minced chilli, olive oil, cider vinegar, sea salt and black pepper. I also added in some shredded spring onions.

Salad of lamb's lettuce and red chard, olives and cornichons, avocado slices, Chimichurri over and some potato wedges alongside, pre-baked potatoes fried off in coconut oil.

Potato Wedges