Stig's Autumn Stew

Way back when I first went Paleo (capitalised, following Robb Wolf's introductory template), I made up a gorgeous meat stew, pretty much just chucking in anything I had to hand ... they're the best meals, aren't they?

So, Stig, my proverbial Northern European Ice Age dweller, who I like to think is closer to the mesolithic, would have eaten whatever was local, seasonal and avalable.

... and so, Stig Stew is more an approach than a recipe.

stig stew
Stig Stew

Meat - seasonal and available

Veggies - whatever varieties are in season and local to you

Flavours - onion, garlic, bay leaves, herbs, black pepper and meat stock

For ideas around what is seasonal for folks here in Britain, check out: http://www.eattheseasons.co.uk - there will be a similar website for you, wherever you are in the world ... go hunt!


Venison provided the main meat, bulked with beef liver, lamb kidney and some smoked bacon.

The meat was all browned and then the base flavours added, cooked through and beef stock added.

Base flavours were onion and garlic, puréed, black pepper, thyme and bay leaves.

Cooked in a large, open skillet on low for about an hour and a half, time for the veggies ...


Squash, courgette, chestnut mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and beetroot.

Simmer on for another half hour, or so, until you are ready to eat ...


Serve out into wide-brimmed bowls and an optional mound of carbohydrate: rice, for me, potatoes for the Mrs. Garnish with fresh herbs - chervil, here.

So, there we have it ... a wholesome stew that can be cooked any time of the year, celebrating the bounty of the seasons.