Cod Shito

Okay ... erm ... Shito?

I'm glad you asked - it's Ghanaian. You know, from Ghana. Africa.

It's ground shrimp, chillies and oil.

Drop a teaspoon of the stuff into a broth and you've got a hot HOT soup! Drop a couple of teaspoons and it's starting to tickle my fancy ... a couple of tablespoons and it's right up my street, on my table and being gobbled down!

I must say, I don't know very much at all about African cooking. I guess it's pretty primal - stews made from meat, fish, stock and vegetables and very much supplemented with ground cassava and yams.

I know about Fufu, a large ball of cassava root, ground and set to cook in a pot of stew, pieces broken off, hollowed and used to scoop up the good food in the stew. This is primal ... this is paleo+ and a lot of fun every so often.

More centrist paleo would just like a hot fish stew, so here goes ...

Make up a broth, however it is that you do.

Drop in a few teaspoons of Shito. I got mine from the supermarket - check out the World Foods section and look for Africa.

Add in a good pack of herbs - I used parsley.

Finally, cube up some fish and drop it in to cook through - I used cod.

Slice up some greens - I used green beans.

Green beans? Yes, that's a legume - I know ... leave it out if you don't want it, but I would encourage you to read Mark Sissons' article of green beans and peas: Are Peas and Green Beans Healthy?

Once cooked, serve out into bowls. Garnish with eggs - this "just works".

Enjoy! But don't breathe in as you eat!