Pan-fried Alaskan Salmon with Vegetables and a Cream Dill Sauce

Pan-fried Alaskan Salmon with Vegetables and a Cream Dill Sauce
Salmon and dill are perfect partners. Throw cream into the party and you have a perfect menage a trois!

First, prepare the vegetables ...

I'm going with mashed potato, carrots, asparagus and green beans.

Mashed potato takes about 20 minutes, so peel and boil your spuds. You can settle a steamer pan over and steam the carrots through for about 15 minutes, green beans for the last five minutes and the asparagus dropped in for the last couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, clean up a couple of fillets of salmon, skin on. I also added some bacon in, which I cooked under a low grill for about 20 minutes.

After the potatoes have been boiling for about 10 minutes, fry off your salmon, skin-side down in good butter. Turn over and lower the heat, allowing the fish to cook through in the gentle heat for the remainder of the cooking time. About 10 minutes.

Now, make up the sauce ...

Cream and fish stock, gently reduced. Dill in at the end.

Mash the potatoes with a good amount of butter and then form a good mound on a plate. Pour the sauce all around and lay the vegetables around. Fish on top of the mash, bacon in between.

Deep flavoured, comforting and colourful for a dark mid-winter night.