Pan-fried Salmon with Crushed Garlic Potatoes and Broccoli Puree

Garlic crushed potatoes are gorgeous!

Simply take some salad potatoes, skin on (let's live dangerously, eh?), boil 'em, then crush 'em gently with a fork, mixing in butter and crushed garlic as you go. The heat will just cook out the rawness of the garlic yet leave its strong perfume.

Meanwhile, steam some broccoli and blend to a purée which a good fillet of salmon gently colours up in good butter.

Serve out, broccoli puree as a sauce, potato garnished with dill and salmon on top ...

... and, something a little different: crème fraîche and a couple of strawberries chopped in half. Crème fraîche is a great partner with salmon and fruit, generally, works well with fish. This, curiously, worked perfectly.