Ginger Hinted Tuna

Tuna is a superb fish! Very meaty, it can withstand strong heat from grills and griddles, and can take on subtle flavours ... which is exactly what I'll be doing here.

Make up a marinade of diced fresh ginger and lime juice. Allow the fish to cure in the marinade for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, get your griddle warming, some salad potatoes sliced and par-boiled for a few minutes and your plates dressed with some rocket.

The par-boiled potatoes can now be sautéed through in butter while you cook the fish. Onto the griddle - I use a cast iron griddle pan. The fish needs little more than searing each side and then setting aside to rest.

Slosh a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the rocket, black pepper and sea salt just to season.

Just before serving out, dust the potatoes with chilli powder and spoon over the salad.

Fish on top and garnish with a few vine tomatoes.

Lovely job!